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We Help eCom Brands Add 6-7 Figures
in Revenue with Email & SMS

Using our Retention Profit Accelerator system, we'll add 20-40% extra revenue to your
business within 60 days and increase your customer lifetime value and retention.
Fully pay-per-performance.

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Results We Get

$306,450 made in 60 days = $1,838,700 annual extra revenue

56% revenue month ZA

$167,957 earned in 30 days (56% more revenue)

54% revenue 2nd month ZA

$138,493 earned the next month (54% more revenue)

Over $120k earned from campaigns in 30 days

30 days campaign results
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$247,098 earned in 30 days = $2,965,176 annual extra revenue

$247k from email per month ZA

BEFORE working with Zenkai Agency - $0 from email

0% email revenue before starting with ZA

AFTER 30 days - $33,379 from email (44% more revenue)

44% email revenue after 1 month with ZA

Next month - $40,395 from email (54% more revenue)

54% email revenue after 2 months with ZA

$73,774 earned in 60 days = $442,644 annual extra revenue

BEFORE working with Zenkai Agency - 0% revenue from email

0% email revenue before ZA

AFTER 54 days - $32,384 from email per month (39% more revenue)

39% email revenue after 54 days with ZA

$32,384 more per month = $388,608 annual extra revenue

What if we told you there's a way to stop operating your eCom brand on razor-thin margins?

A way to finally reduce your customer acquisition costs, increase your customer lifetime value, and find steady, predictable growth?

With our Retention Profit Accelerator system, it's possible.We're not just another random agency that does email - what we do is called Retention Marketing.It's using Email, SMS, loyalty programs, and on-site cross-sells/upsells to turn your customers into loyal fans that buy from you repeatedly and retain them for as long as possible.

Did you know acquiring new customers can be 5x more expensive than selling to existing ones?That's why increasing your customer lifetime value and retention is so important.Because when your customers turn into loyal fans that buy from you again and again, being profitable and scaling your brand becomes so much easier.

Zenkai Agency Results Guarantee

Our Guarantee?

We're pay-per-performance.That means we only get paid after outperforming your current Email & SMS results and take a % of the extra money we earn you.So there's zero risk on your side.We genuinely want to get you the best results possible because we only make money when you do.

Why Choose Zenkai Agency?

Most agencies promise you massive results, then lock you in a 3-6 month contract (with big penalties if you try to leave) and charge you a few thousand upfront...Only to copy-paste the same templates they use for every other client and not deliver the results they promised.We've seen it far too many times and decided to be different.We use a performance-based model and genuinely want to get you the best results possible. Because we only make money when you do.And the strategy you'll get will be custom-made specifically for your business. Because each brand is unique and requires a different approach.On top of that, we don't lock you into B.S. contracts, don't overpromise
the results, and are always completely transparent.

Transparency & CommunicationWe'll communicate daily on Slack, send you Weekly Performance Reports, and have Bi-Weekly Strategy Calls. You'll always be aware of what we're doing and what's the performance. We believe in complete transparency.

100% Pay-Per-PerformanceWe only get paid after outperforming your current Email & SMS results and take a % of the extra money we earn you. You don't pay if you don't get results, so there's zero risk on your side.

Feel Like an In-House TeamBecause we have a lean team of experts and only work with a select group of clients, we're able to dedicate you way more time than a big agency would. We'll work closely with you and feel like an extension of your in-house team.

Our Results Speak For Themselves, But We’re Also Trusted By 7 and 8-Figure Brands:

"Working with Jakub on transitioning from Mailchimp to Klaviyo and setting up our email marketing was a very smooth and rewarding experience. He is very punctual and communicative with an eye for appealing writing that works well for emails."- Connor, Global Tea Hut (7-Figure eCom Brand)

"Jakub was really amazing at optimizing our client's Klaviyo account by creating innovative email campaigns, offering email campaign ideas and unique copy, taking metrics + learnings to test and find out what works and didn't work. He was also great at communication and completed 5 months worth of email campaigns for our client. Highly recommend!"- Jaclyn, EmberTribe (Marketing Agency with $500M+ client revenue)

"I have a store doing over $1M per month . . . I hired Jakub . . . He has been the best Klaviyo expert I have used so far. I would highly recommend."- Kaisser, DessertBoxes (8-Figure Brand featured on Shark Tank)

Our 6 Step System:
Retention Profit Accelerator ™

Step 1: We’ll audit your Email & SMS accounts and create a custom strategy to add 20-40% to your revenue in the next 2 months - Using our proven, data-backed system.Our goal is to overhaul your flows, campaigns, and sign-up forms, resulting in more profit, higher customer lifetime value, lower customer acquisition cost, and longer client retention.

Step 2: We'll create and optimize your sign-up forms to grow your list faster and attract more customers - These high-converting forms will turn the leads coming to your site into monetizable subscribers.If your current pop up converts at 4% and we increase it to 8%, it'll 2x your list growth and might 2x the money you earn from your emails and SMS.

Step 3: We'll build automated Email & SMS flows that'll get you sales on auto-pilot and increase your CLV and customer retention - You could have 15 flows triggering based on subscribers' behavior that'll send them emails at just the right time to convert them into buyers.A solid flow setup can earn you ~20% extra revenue. And thanks to being fully automated - once they're set up, they'll make you money every month. Even a few years from now.

Step 4: We'll turn your subscribers into repeat customers and brand advocates - By creating a custom content calendar and sending a variety of engaging and high-performing email & sms campaigns.We'll also improve your email deliverability, copywriting, and designs.As a result, you'll have bigger margins that'll allow your brand to scale faster.

Step 5: We'll constantly optimize your performance - We'll be running regular A/B tests of your flows, campaigns, and sign-up forms.Continuous optimization will allow us to keep improving your results. The longer we work together, the better your emails and SMS will perform.

Step 6: We'll set up & optimize your loyalty programs and on-site cross-sells/upsells - This will again increase your average order value, customer lifetime value, and customer retention even further.

And we only get paid a % of the extra revenue we earn you. So if we don't outperform your results, you don't pay.

Example: If your store makes $200,000/month, we'll get you to $60,000-$100,000 monthly email & sms revenue.

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